Amphotericin B Cholesteryl Sulfate Complex:
What is it?

Amphotericin B Cholesteryl Sulfate Complex:
How is it Used?

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Amphotericin B Cholesteryl Sulfate Complex Side Effects and Warnings

Side Effects and Warnings

#What are the precautions when taking this medicine?

• Check medicines with healthcare provider. This medicine may not mix well with other medicines.

• If you have kidney disease, talk with healthcare provider.

• You may need potassium or magnesium supplements. Talk with healthcare provider.

• Tell healthcare provider if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant.

#What are some possible side effects of this medicine?

• Flu-like symptoms. These include headache, weakness, fever, shakes, aches, pains, and sweating. You may be given medicine before this shot to prevent these symptoms.

• Nausea or vomiting. Small frequent meals, frequent mouth care, sucking hard, sugar-free candy, or chewing sugar-free gum may help.

• Diarrhea.

• Low potassium level. Signs include feeling tired, weak, numbness, or tingling; muscle cramps; constipation; vomiting; or fast heartbeat.

• Change in balance.

• Flushing.

• Worsening kidney function.

#Reasons to call healthcare provider immediately

• If you suspect an overdose, call your local poison control center or emergency department immediately.

• Signs of a life-threatening reaction. These include wheezing; chest tightness; fever; itching; bad cough; blue skin color; fits; or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat.

• Difficulty breathing.

• Fast heartbeat.

• Significant change in balance.

• Significant weight gain.

• Severe swelling.

• Unable to pass urine.

• Cloudy or pink-red urine.

• Dark urine or yellow skin or eyes.

• Severe belly pain.

• Severe diarrhea.

• Not able to eat.

• Feeling extremely tired or weak.

• Severe muscle pain or weakness.

• Numbness or tingling of hands or feet.

• Any rash.

• No improvement in condition or feeling worse.