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Asthma Treatment: Body


Breathing exercises for asthma

Since asthma is a breathing disorder of the respiratory system, poor breathing habits may aggravate the symptoms of asthma. Breathing exercises involve manipulation of the breathing pattern, and include deep breathing, relaxation sessions, and other exercises. If done regularly and properly, and when combined with medicine and other treatment guidelines suggested by your health care provider, they may provide some additional relief from asthma symptoms, as well as bring about greater mind-body balance in concurrent conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Breathing exercises, while not commonly given as part of an asthma treatment or action plan, have proven beneficial by many asthmatics, especially those with intermittent and mild asthma.

You can acquire the necessary control of the respiratory muscles which will assist in controlling the symptoms of bronchi-spasm and muscle constriction, as well as increase your PEF (peak expiration force) scores, which is one way that many people with asthma monitor their condition between visits to their health care provider.

The aim of breathing exercises for asthma are:

  • To restore natural and automatic diaphragmatic breathing
  • To concentrate on exhalation, especially at the commencement of an attack
  • Increasing the flexibility of the chest wall
  • Relaxing the accompanying muscles of the respiratory system
  • Correct other problems commonly associated with chronic asthma, such as cough and shortness of breath on exertion


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