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Bipolar Disorder Treatment: Diet


For some individuals, the manic depressive swings that accompany bipolar disorder and be induced by a lack of certain nutrients. Oftentimes, dietary treatments are designed to make sure the person has adequate nutrition through consuming nutrient-dense foods and supplementing when necessary. (Incidentally, supplements can, at the very least, help to mitigate the symptoms caused by many bipolar medications.)


Effect of Essential Fatty Acids on Bipolar Disorder

Though the exact mechanism is unknown, it is thought that supplementing omega 3s through fish and/or flaxseed oil may help in the treatment of depression - a symptom of bipolar disorder.

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Effect of Vitamin C on Bipolar Disorder

It is thought that vitamin C might play a role in helping to treat bipolar disorder, though this has yet to be extensively studied.

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Effect of Folate on Bipolar Disorder

Folate may be useful for enhancing the effects of lithium, a common bipolar disorder treatment.

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