FoundHealth just completed our first “Healing Through Yoga” campaign, where we asked San Francisco bay-area yoga students and teachers to tell us what conditions yoga has helped them to treat.  All of the responses were thorough, heartfelt and inspiring.

But there could only be one winner, and after randomly drawing a name from our rich pool of written yoga experiences, yoga writer, instructor, and life-long student Eric Shaw (user name: prasanayoga) is our Healing Through Yoga Campaign Winner!* Here’s a little background on how Eric came to love yoga.

Eric grew up in a well-educated, middle-class Christian household that supported both academic and athletic pursuits. He attained numerous advanced degrees (Master’s in both Religious Studies and Special Education) and continued to be an athlete through his 30s. However, it wasn’t until he began to have spiritual experiences (through psychedelics and meditation) and found Yoga that he really found his calling.  Eric says the following about discovering yoga in 2000, right when his body was giving way due to the endurance sports with which he had always been involved:

“Yoga was a way to keep pushing physical limits—externally and internally—without noteworthy wear and tear on muscles and bones. This was terribly compelling to me. Yoga also had endless intellectual and cultural depth. Siddha Yoga had been a part of my religious exploring in the 90s and Hinduism opened to me as an infinite sea of art, spiritual practice and un-quantifiable mysteries. Yoga began to be the only thing I wanted to do.”

And now, it virtually is all that he does! Eric teaches and lectures on Yoga in the bay-area and has written articles and books on this ancient health modality as well.  For more information, check out Eric’s website:

* Eric has decided to have us donate his $100 winnings to Off the Mat, and Into The World, a nonprofit dedicated to using the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and to ignite grass roots social change.

FoundHealth was extremely pleased with the quality of the healing experiences people shared through this campaign.  Students, teachers, patients, practitioners, and seekers all contribute rich content when speaking from personal and applied experience.  It is also great to remember that teachers like Eric (or practitioners in other fields as well) are still life-long students of their own health and healing, and that at every point along the way; we each have wisdom to share.

To see some of the shared experiences, visit the links below:


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