As people age, memory seems to slip. There are many ways to improve memory, through diet, brain exercises and ways of life. Here are a few tips to help boost your memory!

Diet and memory: There seems to be at least one food out there that can help with a health issues or problem. There are many foods that have been shown to help boost memory and sustain it. Anthocyanin, a memory-boosting phytochemical, is found in blueberries and can improve memory skills. Other foods containing anthocyanin include: apples, cherries, eggplant, grapes, onions and beets. Brain function, which is associated with memory function, can also be improved by water. Brain tissues is 85% water, so its important to stay hydrated throughout the day. A new study has found a link to honey and memory. This may be because of honey’s antioxidant properties. The study found that consuming honey was linked to better memory with aging.

The world of Internet Brain Games: Many games have been developed that can also help boost memory and brain function. A local San Francisco start-up is leading the way for online-brain games. Lumosity is an online site where users have accesses to daily brain activities that focus on multiple aspects of memory. Lumosity works with many labs and uses up and coming research and data to create games that will benefit the user to their full potential. They have engineered programs that can help sharpen memory, focus attention, elevate creativity and reach maximum performance.

Exercise and Sleep: Sleep and exercise have so many benefits, and one happens to be memory! Getting a restful night’s sleep has been proven to help with memory and brain function. Sleeping a full night’s sleep, roughly 7-9 hours, will help you retain what you learned and encountered the day before. Sleep deprivation results in your brain’s inability to function properly, so sleep is key. When it comes to driving, learning, and daily tasks, sleep is a key ingredient for success.

There are endless ways to improve memory and brain function from what you eat to what games you play. Its so important to keep your memory sharp, as with age it decreases. Many of these methods can be easily added into daily life, some may already be taking place! What is your favorite way to boost your memory?

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