1. Ease Inflammation and Promote Healing With Massage

When your body is in pain, it can turn your whole world upside down. It makes it harder to sleep, which leaves you with no energy during the day. It’s also more difficult to move around. While in pain, your mood gets significantly more negative which can impact your work and personal relationships. If your body doesn’t heal quickly, you can be stuck in pain for quite a long time.

Massage is quite often overlooked, and many think of it as something superfluous that they don’t need to spend money on, or don’t want to bother asking anyone to do for them. However, a massage can significantly speed up the healing process, as well as ease inflammation, which is very important to ridding your body of the pain.

2. Improves Circulation

Poor circulation can be the root of many health problems. If you have cold hands and feet, it’s likely due to poor circulation. Other side effects of poor circulation are hair loss, cramps, headaches, bad memory, fatigue, and numb limbs. Massage nourishes your cells in order to improve your blood circulation. Not only will it get rid of those nasty symptoms, it will also improve the healing process in all of your aches and pains. 

Bad circulation can be caused by several issues, including clogged arteries. Massage can help counteract poor circulation.

3. Release of Nerve Compression

Nerve compression occurs when your nerves are pinched, causing extreme pain and discomfort. It often happens because of repetitive motion in the pinched area, or from long periods of being in one position. There’s often inflammation in the spot, which causes even more pain in areas like the neck, lower back, shoulders, and arms. Massage releases the compression on the nerves to get rid of pain and inflammation.

4. Enhanced Energy

When you constantly feel fatigued, it’s much harder for your body to heal. Lack of energy is connected to slowed-down healing in muscles, which means if you always feel tired or groggy, your muscle pains tend to worsen over time. Massage has often been connected to raising energy levels. This means that not only will your muscles begun to heal quicker, but you’ll starting feeling better in other aspects of your life, as well.

5. Physically Relaxes Your Body

Tension builds up in muscle tissue very easily, especially after a muscle injury related to sports, exercise, or accident. When your muscles are tight, your body has a more difficult time healing itself. Massage can ease the tension from your muscles to promote faster healing. It can also relax your mind which will allow you to heal quicker. During the massage, body oil is often an essential ingredient. Products like Guinot Satin Body Oil are perfect for aiding in muscle relaxation, as well as moisturizing skin to prevent chapped skin after working out. Moisturized skin after a workout feels so much better than coming home with dry, rough skin.


6. Reduces Pain By Reducing Inflammation

recent study at McMaster University discovered that a massage can change the activity of some of your genes, which will reduce the painful inflammation in your muscles. It’s similar to the results you would get after taking aspirin. The inflammation causes pain in your muscles, so massage is sometimes the only relief without resorting to pain medication.

Learn more about how massage therapy can help with chronic pain. 

7. Gets You Back To Exercising Faster

After a massage, your muscles will heal quicker and reduce swelling and soreness. With reduced pain, you’ll be able to go back to your normal daily exercising routine. The sooner you get rid of the pain, the sooner you get your life back. A massage allows your muscles to perform better, meaning that your workouts will be even more effective.

As muscle pain and inflammation gets worse, your whole life can become a mess. It’s harder to keep up with your work and maintain relationships. That’s why it’s important to find a fix as soon as possible. Massage is the best non-medication related option available, and it feels great, too. Why choose pain medication over a relaxing massage? Your muscles will thank you.

Massage therapy can help speed the process of muscle repair.


Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and mother of three in Southern California. She loves trying alternative ways to ease sore muscles after a workout or long day and often turns to a soothing massage. Follow her on Twitter today! 

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