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Let's get physicalWhen television became commonplace among households in the 1950′s, it was mainly a source of advertising, entertainment and the news. In the 21st century, television has undergone a technological transformation. From music videos to reality series, cooking shows and shopping networks, there’s something out there for everyone. The biggest advancement in TV, though, doesn’t lie in the form of a well-scripted hit with the hottest actors and millions of viewers. It’s the new interactive type of show, which gives us tips and routines to live better, stronger and healthier lives.

Appearance is undeniably one of the most idolized and aspired qualities of our culture–a good appearance doesn’t just mean being attractive within society’s standards. Looking good means feeling good, being comfortable in your own skin, and confident in who you are. For many, this is a struggle, and some may even face shame or fear of going to a public gym and starting to get in shape. Enter fitness shows, which allow people to exercise from the comfort of their own home, and cooking programs that can introduce them to healthy recipes. There are weight loss reality shows that will amuse, entertain and inspire. TV doesn’t have to turn you into a couch potato. It’s now a useful tool in changing your lifestyle for the better.  Here is a look at the ways that TV can actually enrich your health and wellness regimen.

Diet Workup

A balanced diet is just as important to a healthy lifestyle as hitting the gym, and Food Network’s Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger is hosted by a licensed dietitian, and offers delicious meals, like four cheese baked penne, made healthily, allowing you to lose unneeded carbs and calories without sacrificing taste.

For a healthy mind and body, there are also programs like The Dr. Oz Show. Although he has come under fire for his herbal recommendations, Dr Oz’s program is a running favorite among health enthusiasts for its interesting tips, recipes and medical facts.

Exercise and Movement

A healthy diet is critical, but so is maintaining a rigorous exercise regimen. To help, there are a myriad of fitness and exercise programs available through most cable providers, as well as an entire channel entitled ExerciseTV, available through Time Warner Cable. The channel hosts a variety of shows to appeal to a diverse group of viewers. The 10 Minute Workouts segments, for example, are ideal for those who want quick, effective routines but don’t have a lot of time to dedicate at once.


Packing up and going to the gym is easier for some folks than others. Some people need a little extra push — and sometimes TV can provide that. The most popular weight loss reality show has to be NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Still on the air after a decade and entering its sixteenth season, the reality series follows a group of contestants, broken off into teams of three designated by their different colored t-shirts, who then compete in various challenges while also following an intense exercise routine. Through periodic weigh-ins, the contestants are eliminated, and by the end the person who has lost the most weight is then deemed “the biggest loser.” Although physicians and nutritionists advise strongly against undergoing such extreme amounts of intense physical activity, especially if you are overweight, the show itself serves more as source of motivation for those who are looking to lose weight.

Although exercise should get you out of the house and into the world, the new array of programs on TV are an excellent way to keep you motivated and inspired to implement your new active lifestyle throughout your daily routine.

So turn on your TV and let’s get physical!


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