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The Daily Health Kit –

Essential Items for Physical and Mental Health   

Sometimes the simplest lifestyle changes bring the greatest health results. The things we do consistently affect every aspect of our bodies and how they are able to function for us. At FoundHealth we believe that health comes from empowering people to find integrative solutions to their specific health needs.

What is the Daily Health Kit?

 This list does not include a daily list for those facing major challenges, like “Quit Smoking”.   Instead, this list includes a list of tried and true health necessities that the healthy have been using daily for lifetimes. The FoundHealth Daily Health Kit focuses on the essential daily ingredients for a healthy diet, level of hygiene, and mental health.

What does the Daily Health Kit include?

What does the Daily Health Kit do for my  daily health? 

1. Prepares the Foundation for a Healthy Diet 

  • Breakfast: Breakfast has often been said to be the most important meal of the day, and science agrees. However, not all breakfasts are created equally.  A study conducted in 2003 showed that subjects who ate ready-to-eat cereal, cooked cereal, or quick breads for breakfast has significantly lower BMI when compared to breakfast skippers or meat and egg eaters. Of the groups collected, meat and egg eaters had the highest BMI. Check out this great chart that correlates ‘breakfast type’ to average BMI.  See the study. 

  • Superfoods: Superfoods are super sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients that are found in nature and highly nutrient without being highly caloric. Chia Seeds are one of the most renowned super foods around. In a 2009 study, Chia Seeds were fed to murine subjects for 3 months, and the results showed an improvement of glucose maintenance and a decrease in stomach fat. See the study.


A study showed Chia seeds can help maintain glucose levels and reduce visceral adipose.

  • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements: A healthy daily diet does not always offer every vitamin and nutrient we need. Vitamins help us to fill the gap between our diet and our vitamin and mineral needs.  Of course, which ones you will include in your health kit will be specific to your needs.  Most will include a daily multivitamin & Vitamin D. Ask your doctor to assess your specific need for vitamin and mineral supplements.

2. Sets the Standard for Basic Healthy Hygiene

  • Soap and alcohol based hand sanitizer: Not only does hand sanitizer help your own health, but it also helps the people around you stay healthy. In a study on the effectiveness of hand sanitizer amongst 15 elementary schools (6000+ students) over a 3 month period, absenteeism of students using hand sanitizer decreased 19.8% when compared with students who didn’t use it. In addition, teacher absenteeism went down by 10.1%. See the study.

  • Floss and a Toothbrush:  In case knowing that brushing your pearly whites and flossing your gums help you to avoid painful toothaches, bad breath, and tooth loss. We hope that you are further motivate to brush & floss due to the impact that the health of your gums and teeth have on your health when it comes to mouth disease, heart disease, and stroke. And, according to Dr. Michael F. Roizen, in his book Real Age, flossing may add over six years to your lifespan! 
  • Body soap and shampoo: Not only will you smell cleaner but you will also ward off illness! We have something in common with our reptile friends. According to Dr Donald Novey of the Advocate Medical Group, “you should clean your body and shampoo your hair at regular intervals that work for you.” Your body is constantly shedding skin and that skin needs to come off. Otherwise, it will cake up and can cause illnesses.” Out with the old and in with the new for optimal health! 

3. Supports Life-long Mental Health

  • Mind Puzzles, and New Knowledge: Decrease your likelihood of neurodegenerative disease by practicing new activities and skills such as puzzles to remain mentally sharp. In one study of 101 individuals who were diagnosed with dementia, the 17 participants who reported working on crossword puzzles had their cognitive decline begin 2.85 years prior to diagnosis, while the 84 participants who did not do crossword puzzles had their decline begin 5.43 years prior to diagnosis. This significant difference suggests that crosswords had an impact in slowing the onset of neurodegeneration. See the study.

Crosswords have been shown to slow neural degeneration.

  • A Comfy Pillow: Keeping regular hours and getting enough rest during sleep allows your body to rejuvenate and take in all of the healthy nutrients and activates what you provided for it the day before.

  • Tennis Shoes: Exercise helps your body function better through movement. Even a ten-minute daily helps to control weight, combat health conditions and disease, improve your mood, and boost your energy!


Have suggestions for other items that should be put into the Daily Health Kit? Share your wisdom by leaving a comment!



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