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What is Brahmi?

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Bacopa monnieriis a creeping perennial with white or blue flowers that grows throughout much of Southern Asia. It has been used traditionally to treat epilepsy , depression , insomnia , and schizophrenia . In the traditional medicine of India, Ayurveda , B. monnieriis considered to fall in the “brahmi” category of herbs, a group of substances said to assist the mind and enhance awareness. From this comes B. monnieri’scommon name of brahmi, despite the fact that many other herbs fall into the brahmi category as well.

B. monnieriis widely marketed today as a “brain tonic” for enhancing memory and mental function. However, as discussed in the next section, the evidence that it works remains weak at best.

Even weaker evidence, far too preliminary to rely upon at all, hints that B. monnierimight have potential value for allergies , 1 asthma , 2 narcotic addiction , 3 hypothyroidism , 4 depression , 5 and ulcers. 6 However, far more research is necessary before anyone could responsibly promote B. monnierifor these conditions.

Safety Issues

There are no well known significant side effects associated with the use of B. monnieri. However, comprehensive safety studies have not been reported. Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or people with severe liver or kidney disease has not been established.