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Cat's Claw Usage

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Effect of Cat's Claw on Lyme Disease

Cat's claw is considered to be one of the main herbs that can help lower, or even eliminate, lyme spirochete loads in the body, support the innate immune function to help respond to the borrelia...

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What Is Cat's Claw Used for Today?

Cat's claw is most often marketed as a treatment for viral diseases, such as herpes , shingles , AIDS , and feline leukemia virus. However, the evidence for these uses is extremely preliminary.

The most meaningful study yet performed on cat's claw suggests that the Uncaria guianensisspecies might be helpful for an entirely different condition: osteoarthritis . 1 In addition, one double-blind trial indicates that a certain type of Uncaria tomentosamay be modestly helpful for people with rheumatoid arthritis . 2 Cat's claw has also been proposed as a treatment for allergies and stomach ulcers , but there is no meaningful evidence as yet that it is effective for these conditions.


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