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Celiac Disease Treatment: Diet

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If you have celiac disease, maintaining a gluten-free diet is necessary and extremely effective. While eliminating gluten from your diet may sound daunting, there have never been more products and resources available to help make your diet not only possible, but delicious and satisfying.

People with more severe cases of celiac disease may also need nutritional supplementation prescribed and monitored by their doctor. Everyone with the condition could probably benefit from taking some supplements, as well as consuming a generally nutrient-rich diet.


Effect of Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals on Celiac Disease

When people with celiac disease eat food with gluten, it provokes an immune reaction that causes flattening and damage to the small protrusions (villi) in the small intestine that absorb nutrients....

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Effect of Gluten-Free Diet on Celiac Disease

A gluten-free diet is a necessary and effective treatment for celiac disease. By eliminating gluten, the offending substance, you can halt the damage and many of the symptoms caused by the body's...

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