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Cervical Cancer Treatment: Body


In addition to the treatments listed below, it might be a good idea not to smoke. Smoking exposes your body to many cancer-causing chemicals. Smokers are about twice as likely as nonsmokers to develop cervical cancer. Stopping now will help you recover. In addition, recent studies have shown that smoking during treatment (particularly radiotherapy) causes an increase in side effects from the treatment.


Effect of Resting on Cervical Cancer

The treatments for cancer, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy will add to the fatigue you already feel from fighting cancer. It is important to allow your body to rest. This will help your body...

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Effect of Exercise on Cervical Cancer

Keeping good nutrition and having a regular exercise regime can, at times, help to keep cancer cells from developing and spreading. Therefore, if you are attempting to prevent cancer or to keep it...

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Effect of Acupuncture on Cervical Cancer

Some people have used acupuncture along with other treatments to help treat or combat some side effects of cancer or other cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation).

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Effect of Yoga on Cervical Cancer

Yoga can absolutely fit into any well-rounded cancer treatment regime. The exercise and stretching portions of yoga not only help you to feel and be well, but the conscious breathing and meditative...

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