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Cervical Cancer Treatment: Herbs

There are 4 Herbs treatments for Cervical Cancer.
Written by sshowalter.

Various natural herbs and supplements can improve the odds of early stages of dysplasia (presence of precancerous cells) in changing back to normal cells. If your physician suggests watchful waiting and a repeat examination, it should be safe to try some of these methods during the waiting period. However, in all circumstances close medical supervision is necessary to verify good results or identify failure. Alternative treatment is definitely not advisable, or at least hasn't shown to be helpful for more advanced cervical dysplasia.

Some practitioners of herbal medicine feel that a class of herbs known as emmenagogues can be helpful in cervical dysplasia. These are the treatments listed below.

Treatments include:


Effect of Motherwort on Cervical Cancer

The exact way in which motherwort might beneficially effect the treatment of cervical cancer is unknown, but might still be prescribed by some practitioners during the early stages of cervical...

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Effect of False Unicorn on Cervical Cancer

Some contemporary herbalists claim that false unicorn can help “balance” the female reproductive system, normalizing hormone levels and optimizing ovarian action. In some cases it is therefore thought...

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Effect of Black Cohosh on Cervical Cancer

Black cohosh is sometimes recommended as a kind of general women’s herb, said to be effective for a variety of menstrual issues, such as dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and irregular...

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Effect of Blessed Thistle on Cervical Cancer

In some instances, people use Blessed Thistle to help treat dfferent forms of cancer, including Cervical Cancer.

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