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Chemotherapy Usage

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Effect of Chemotherapy on Pancreatic Cancer

When the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas and cannot be completely removed by surgery, then chemotherapy is used to attack and kill cancer cells, often together with radiation therapy....

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Effect of Chemotherapy on Melanoma

There are a number of chemotherapies that are used in melanoma treatment. In some cases they are used on their own, and in other cases they are combined together, or combined with other therapies...

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Effect of Chemotherapy on Breast Cancer

The type of chemotherapy you receive will depend on the type and stage of your cancer. New combinations of chemotherapy are constantly being designed as new information is discovered. The most common...

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Effect of Chemotherapy on Cervical Cancer

Chemotherapy is the use of toxic drugs to kill cancer cells. It may be given in many forms including: pill, injection, and via a catheter. The drugs enter the bloodstream and travel through the body....

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Reasons for Procedure

Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer. The goal is to reduce the number of cancer cells or decrease the size of tumors.



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