Colon Polypectomy
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What is Colon Polypectomy?

A colon polypectomy is the removal of polyps from the inside lining of the colon (large intestine). A polyp is a mass of tissue. Some types of polyps have the potential to develop into cancer. Most polyps can be removed during a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy .

A Colon Polyp
A Colon Polyp
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The purpose of the surgery is to remove a polyp. It is done for cancer prevention.

In rare cases, larger polyps can cause troublesome symptoms, such as rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, and bowel irregularities. A polyp removal will relieve these symptoms.

Possible Complications

Complications are rare, but no procedure is completely free of risk. If you are planning to have a polypectomy, your doctor will review a list of possible complications, which may include:

  • Damage to the colon wall
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reaction to the sedative

Factors that may increase the risk of complications include:

  • Type, size, and location of the polyp
  • Patient factors, such as blood-clotting disorders, substance abuse, or other diseases (eg, obesity , diabetes )

Call Your Doctor

After arriving home, contact your doctor if any of the following occurs:

  • Signs of infection, including fever and chills
  • Redness, swelling, increasing pain, excessive bleeding, or discharge from the rectum (Up to ½ cup of blood per...