About Me

I'm an actuary. I love numbers and statistics!

How I Stay Healthy

I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

My Experience with Health Challenges

I have had some weight issues all through my life. I've tried different diets, and they all seem to work just for a while, then I rebound.

Asked How do I know if I have diabetes? 8 years ago
Would it be obvious if I have diabetes?

Asked How to deal with post nasal drip? 8 years ago
Sorry if this is in the wrong section... what are people's experiences with treating post nasal...

Asked Is sinusitis related to nose-bleeds? 8 years ago
I've had chronic sinusitis since I was very little, and I've also often had frequent nose-bleeds...

Asked What are the best melanoma treatment centers? 8 years ago
Making this a separate question to highlight the useful information from the What is the prognosis...

Commented on Sinusitis and Steam Treatment 8 years ago
If making steam is too much of a hassle, I've also had good results by just "snorting" warm water...