Answered Can a chiropractor treat depression? 8 years ago
Chiropractors work to align the spine which can be misaligned for many different reasons (trauma,...

Answered Can Ritalin help my child’s academic performance? 8 years ago
Ritalin is not intended to improve cognitive functioning. Rather, it helps children to focus,...

Asked Can ADHD be cured? 8 years ago

Answered How to Tai Qi and Qi Gong work for depression? 8 years ago
These are both examples of eastern moving meditation techniques that work by moving and...

Answered Are more college students taking medication to treat ADHD? 8 years ago
Apparently so. A 12-year study on depression recently concluded that the use of medication to...

Answered Is over-focusing a symptom of ADHD? 8 years ago
Parents with children with ADHD are all too familiar with the difficulty of getting their son or...

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