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Depression and Paleo Diet

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Effect of Paleo Diet on Depression

As discussed in other sections, there are certain foods that create a high level of toxicity in the body and mind. Eliminating these foods can decrease the toxicity that reduce optimal brain function.

Some studies have suggested that gluten can be a cause of depression in many individuals. The paleo diet eliminates gluten, along with all other grains, and is certainly beneficial to individuals for whom gluten is a sensitive substance which may in fact contribute to their symptoms.

Many paleo dieters claim to feel wholly different after eliminating the consumption of grains, starchy vegetables and otherwise processed foods.

As with all dietary changes, it is important to continually self-assess whether or not the diet is working for you. You can try all kind of different, even opposing, dietary regimes (like paleo vs veganism!) but ultimately your own subjective experience will tell you the consumption of which foods leave you feeling the happiest and healthiest.

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