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Natural Remedies for Depression

Written by sshowalter, ritasharma.

There are many natural remedies for depression available that can both treat the cause of depression as well as mitigate some depression symptoms.

Some widely known natural remedies for depression include herbs like St. John’s Wort and Kava, dietary changes (restrictions and/or supplements), mind based therapies like psychotherapy, body therapies like yoga, exercise and massage, and spiritually based therapies like meditation and hypnotherapy. Below are some benefits of these natural treatments for depression:

  • Herbs, supplements and relaxation techniques can help reduce depression symptoms without dramatic side effects which can be associated with depression medications
  • Natural remedies can address the root cause of depression (depending, of course, on the person and their unique cause). Stress or dietary deficiencies are examples of depression causes that can often be treated through natural remedies.
  • Natural remedies for depression encourage contact with other types of health professionals such as massage therapists, acupuncturists and herbalists that can expand your methods of approaching depression treatment.

Diet for Depression

Diet for depression Diet (and nutritional deficiencies) can play a large role in the manifestation and perpetuation of a depression diagnosis. Similarly then, diet and dietary supplements can be a wonderful natural remedy for depression; that is, assuming you’re consuming natural foods! Omega-3s and fish oil supplements can be specifically helpful as these fatty acids are essential but not produced by the body. Vitamin D (which is actually a “precursor hormone”) is responsible for making many biological functions possible in the body, including hormone balance, which is often cited as being partly responsible for depression and depression symptoms. Choosing a diet full of high quality foods that does NOT include processed sugars, processed oils, and/or processed animal products and excludes excess caffeine and alcohol is a wonderful natural remedy for depression.

Herbs for Depression

Herbs for Depression St. John’s Wort and Kava are the two herbs most commonly used as natural remedies for depression (and sometimes anxiety). In fact, St. John’s Wort is prescribed more frequently than antidepressant medications in other countries like Germany. When looking for these or other herbs for depression, it’s important to buy high quality herbs and to consult with a trained practitioner (like a licensed herbalist or naturopathic doctor.) Many clinical trials have proven the efficacy of different herbs for the treatment of depression, citations of which can be found alongside the shared personal experiences with herbs for depression liked below.

Mind Body Therapies for Depression

The mind and the body are absolutely intertwined, and at times we can treat ailments of the body with the mind, and those of the mind with the body. A great natural way to cure depression is to focus on modalities that address both aspects, especially since depression symptoms often include both mental aspects and physical sensations. Yoga, meditation, exercise, guided imagery hypnotherapy, dance and music therapy and many more natural mind-body therapies can be used as they include both mental and physical components.

Therapy for Depression

One of the most well-known and effective natural remedies for depression is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy has the ability to help cure depression as it both helps people understand the mental causes of their depression, and aids them in creating new thought patterns and emotional habits that can sustain them throughout life. Other therapies however can also be helpful to naturally treat depression.

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