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Depression Resources

I think ,depression in people is increasing day by day .There are many causes to get depression. 1. living alone 2. being excessive angry 3. hearing bad news 4. dissatisfaction after sex 5. hormonal factor , before puberty 6. suffering from intolerabe ailments 7. masturbation 8. supression of menses 9. intolernancy toward noises 10. having low income.11. dissatifaction of life etc. The depression have manifold symptoms- both mental and physical. People's physiological activity may be altered. Both sexes may show sexual problems as well as genito urinary problems. The depressed person show anxiousness, palpitation, sleeplessness, anorexia, suicidal tendency, stomach problems, disliking of music, wants to be alone, aversion to work, indifference to relatives, use drugs, alcohol , headache etc. Here homoeopathy act as a boon in curing these type of depressions.A detailed case history is required to select appropriate remedy. Once these cases are cured,they hadly reoccur.

8 years ago