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Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Galphimia Glauca

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Galphimia Glauca is a homeopathic herb that has been tested for use as a treatment for GAD. Homeopathic remedies do not work in a direct or obvious way. Homeopathic theory has some relationship to ancient healing traditions, but in many ways stands uniquely on its own ground, unrelated to other approaches. The term "homeopathy" is formed from the combination of two Greek words: omio meaning “same” and pathos meaning "suffering." This reflects the homeopathic belief that a substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure an ailing person of similar symptoms. This belief is the basis for how homeopathic remedies are formulated and recommended.

Effect of Galphimia Glauca on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The herb Galphimia glauca is traditionally used as a “nerve tonic” by Mexican herbalists.

Research Evidence on Galphimia Glauca

One substantial double-blind study purportedly found that a standardized Galphimia extract is as effective as the standard medication lorazepam.58 However, this study failed to use a placebo group.


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