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Gout and Yoga

Written by FoundHealth, sshowalter.

Effect of Yoga on Gout

The practice of yoga goes beyond exercise. Special breathing techniques are almost always part of the process; in fact, some forms of yoga focus primarily on breathing, and therefore overlap with traditional breathing practices generally known as pranayama. Yoga usually involves some form of meditation, can include chanting, as well as philosophical and religious introspection. However, completely secular versions of yoga are widely available as well.

Certain asanas (poses) are said to address specific health problems.

This and other mind/body techniques (like tai chi) are being studies as effective treatments for many health conditions, including gout and other forms of arthritis.

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Safety Issues

Hatha yoga is generally at least as safe as any other stretching-based exercise program. However there are a few hatha yoga positions, such as the headstand, that can cause injury when they are performed by a person who isn’t yet sufficiently advanced in yoga, or who has certain health problems, such as a detached retina. A properly qualified instructor can help you avoid injury, taking your own individual health status into account.

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