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Heart Attack
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Heart Attack Treatment: Mind

Written by ColleenO.

Stress contributes directly and indirectly to heart disease and heart attacks. Learning how to manage stress effectively and relax regularly could help heal heart disease, prevent heart attacks, and help you recover from a heart attack.11-13

Heart disease and heart attacks can affect your sex life. This may have consequences for your relationships and be an extra source of stress. For more information, see Sex After a Heart Attack.

In addition to developing a regular practice of stress management and relaxation, you might consider counseling, support groups, and your own personal circle of supportive relationships. Dean Ornish, a well-regarded physician, believes that the love and support we give and receive through relationships is essential to our health, and a great deal of research on social support and health supports this claim. To learn more, read Dr. Ornish's books, including Love & Survival and Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease.

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Effect of Stress Management on Heart Attack

There are a number of ways that stress may contribute directly and indirectly to poor heart health, including raising blood pressure and causing or exacerbating arrhythmias. Managing stress more...

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