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Infertility and Hypnotherapy

Read more about Hypnotherapy.

Effect of Hypnotherapy on Infertility

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis-based techniques that help with stress reduction and also provide positive affirmations of health and well-being. Hypnotherapy techniques may help uncover a woman’s subconscious fear of pregnancy or motherhood, or help her get in touch with her childhood and how it may impact her feelings on motherhood today.

Side Effects and Warnings

#Safety Issues

In the hands of a competent practitioner, hypnotherapy should present no more risks than any other form of psychotherapy. These risks might include worsening of the original problem and temporary fluctuations in mood.

Contrary to various works of fiction, hypnosis does not give the hypnotist absolute power over his subject. However, as with all forms of psychotherapy, the hypnotherapist does gain some power over the client through the client’s trust; an unethical therapist can abuse this.