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Low Glycemic Index Diets Usage

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Weak evidence hints that a low glycemic index diet might help prevent macular degeneration . 1 Although there are theoretical reasons to believe that use of white sugar and other high glycemic index foods might promote colon cancer, a large observational study failed to find any association between colon cancer rates and diets high in sugar, carbohydrates, or GL. 2 It has been proposed that low-GI foods may enhance sports performance . One study involving a simulated 64-km bicycle race found no performance differences between use of honey (low GI) or dextrose (high GI) as a carbohydrate source. 3 However, another study did find benefit with a low-GI snack prior to endurance exercise. 4 One interesting, though far from definitive, study compared a low glycemic load diet against a high carbohydrate diet in people with acne , and found evidence that the low glycemic load diet reduced acne symptoms. 5


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