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Tom Cowan, MD

Written by MRosenthal.

About the Doctor

Dr. Cowan is a family practitioner of integrative medicine who has developed his on philosophy of getting healthy called fourfold healing. I have always found Dr. Cowan’s understanding of the gastro-intestinal and digestive systems (kidneys, liver, etc.). When a patient goes through chemotherapy and other like drug treatments, the kidneys, liver, GI track, etc. can become overwhelmed with the toxins and dead cells that ensue from the treatment. Dr. Cowan was able to suggest a program to detoxify the kidneys and liver and keep them running well, even under the stress of chemotherapy. Since the success of chemo is highly dependent on the ability to finish the prescribed program, it is important to keep the liver and kidneys healthy, and Dr. Cowan can be very helpful in doing this.

Contact Info

661 Chenery Street

San Francisco, CA 94131

(415) 334-1010

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