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Migraine Headache and Feverfew Leaf

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Feverfew Leaf is most commonly used in the treatment of migraines and arthritis. Studies at the London Migraine Clinic have increased the worldwide interest in this herb.

Effect of Feverfew Leaf on Migraine Headache

The Feverfew Leaf herb continues to undergo extensive scientific investigation of its parthenolide content, and how it normalizes the function of platelets in the blood system by inhibiting platelet aggregation, reducing serotonin release from platelets, and blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory mediators that can cause blood vessels to swell. 70% of the patients in these studies report fewer attacks of migraines and less painful attacks when they do occur. Researchers believe that feverfew prevents the spasms of blood vessels in the head that trigger migraines. This herb also relieves the inflammation associated with arthritis.

Other benefits include: relief from nausea and vomiting; improvement of digestion; more restful sleep; and, relief of dizziness, brain, and nerve pressure.