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Myrrh Overview

Written by FoundHealth.

Myrrh is the dried resin of the tree Commiphora myrrha. Native to Somalia and eastern Ethiopia, myrrh has a long history of traditional use in perfumes and incense. Additionally, it has perhaps an equally long history as a medicinal treatment, primarily for conditions of the mouth, such as canker sores , gum disease , halitosis, and sore throat .

Note: Commiphora myrrhais not the same plant as the similarly named Commiphora mukul. The latter is the source of guggulsterones, proposed for use in treating elevated cholesterol .


When used for mouth conditions, tincture of myrrh may be applied directly to canker sores or inflamed gums. It can also be diluted in water and used as a gargle. When taken internally, a typical dose of myrrh is 1 g of resin 3 times daily.




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