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Posted 7 years ago

The quality of PET-CT scan conducted at the United Hospital, Dhaka is of worst quality. I have undergone the test in the centre and still bearing serious side effects. It’s really substandard and they do not have the expertise and ethical standard to conduct such a sensitive test. The main risk factor is the radioactive isotope that they produce in-house. If you really need to have a PET-CT scan done, please go to a good centre abroad. Trust me it’s really an invasive diagnosis, involving high dosage of radiation. Therefore, don’t take a chance. Doctors at United won’t let you know about the true side effects and consequences of radiation. It’s a complete mess out there. I made this fatal mistake and it has ruined my life. I don’t know what’s waiting for me in the long run. Radiation is certainly not child’s play and tests like these must follow strict protocols and standards.

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