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What are Phyllanthus?

Tropical plants in the genus Phyllanthus have a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine ( the traditional medicine of India) for the treatment of hepatitis, kidney and bladder problems, intestinal parasites, and diabetes. The most studied species is Phyllanthus amarus.

Hepatitis B is a two-stage illness. Its has an acute phase which causes jaundice, severe fatigue, and other symptoms. These symptoms usually resolve in a month or so; however, the infection may then become chronic. Long-term infection with hepatitis B can spread the disease to other people and can also lead to liver injury or liver cancer.

Safety Issues

There are no indications that P. amarus is toxic when used at recommended doses, but comprehensive safety studies have not been performed. 1 In double-blind studies, significant side effects have not been reported. Safety in pregnant or nursing women, or individuals with severe liver or kidney disease, has not been established.