When you're depressed, how much caffeine is too much?

I've heard that caffeine isn't good when you might have depression? Why would this be and how much can I have...I LOVE COFFEE!!

Asked 9 years ago by CaffeineLvr
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Answered 9 years ago


Some people do seem to feel the effects of this stimulant more than others, depression or no. If drinking caffeine affects your ability to sleep well at night, a lack of sleep can absolutely impact your depression symptoms. Also, if caffeine gives you energy for a short while but then causes you to crash leaving you feeling worse than before, this can also mimic/spark the emotional ups and downs of depression. Caffeine alters the chemicals in your brain that may be trying to re-balance themselves during your depression treatment which may also impact your symptoms.

Regardless, if you can at least cut down on or cut out your caffeine/coffee intake and be really reflective on how your body and mind feels, this would be a good start (decaf coffee still has some caffeine in it). If you drink a TON of coffee (I would say 4+ cups a day), cutting it out all at once would also spur some crazy symptoms, so would wean yourself off of it more slowly!


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