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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: Spirit

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The spirit section for arthritis comprises energetically oriented treatments that have to do with intention, energy healing, prayer, and in some cases god. These terms may be volatile for some, and for others they will resonate. Regardless, many of these treatments have shown to work for some with arthritis.

Many of the treatments that live in other sections on FoundHealth could easily live in this “Spirit” section as well. For example, Yoga for Alzheimer's Disease, though a treatment that mostly involves the body, certainly has spiritual undertones and components to its practice. Meditation for Alzheimer's Disease lives under the Mind category, but really is a blend of body, mind and a spiritual/energetic component as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are examples of healing systems that have branches that span all six of FoundHealth’s treatment categories, including spiritual components.

So take a look at which spirit treatments have been used for arthritis or other health challenges, or add any that are missing!