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Sinusitis Treatment: Diet


Diet can be a major contributor to sinusitis. Certain substances specifically (like dairy) can cause excess phlegm and mucus to exist in the nasal passageways. Diets that can reduce overall weight and fight against obesity in particular can help as obesity is a major risk factor.

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Paleolithic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet


Effect of Bromelain on Sinusitis

Bromelain is not actually a single substance, but rather a collection of protein-digesting enzymes (also called proteolytic enzymes) found in pineapple juice and in the stem of pineapple...

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Effect of Elimination Diet on Sinusitis

Some people may have a food allergy or food sensitivity that causes excess mucus production, or might even compromise their immune function, leaving them more susceptible to infectious agents. An...

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Other Treatments

One study provides weak evidence that a standardized combination of horseradish and nasturtium might be helpful for the treatment of sinusitis in children.7


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