Superoxide Dismutase
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Superoxide Dismutase Usage

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Therapeutic Uses

Various websites promote SOD for a wide variety of health problems, from preventing aging to enhancing sports performance. However, as noted above, oral SOD supplements may be ineffective due to poor absorption.

A bit of evidence hints that SOD injections may reduce scarring caused by radiation therapy 1 2 3 and also decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis . 4 SOD applied directly to wounds may enhance wound healing, according to experiments in animals. 5 In test-tube and animal studies , genetic manipulation has been used to increase SOD levels, in hopes of finding anti-aging effects, but the results have been mixed. 6 7 8 Inhaled SOD appears to be useful for premature infants, helping to prevent a condition called respiratory distress syndrome. 9 10 However, the only evidence for benefits with any oral form of SOD is a study in animals involving the special liposome form of the supplement mentioned above. It found possible anti-inflammatory effects. 11


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