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Diabetes Type 2 Treatment: Mind

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Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a difficult message to receive. Diabetes requires a look at lifestyle, food choices, medications, blood glucose testing, and all that advice offered by well-meaning family and friends. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Learning how to live well with diabetes takes time and it takes lifestyle adjustments to do it well. Some people are just not up to it on their own. The best support a person with diabetes can get is from medical professionals who really know diabetes, family members who are willing to provide a healthy supportive environment including healthy food choices for everyone in the family, increased physical activity as a norm and a willingness to learn about diabetes together. It is often said “diabetes is a family disease” because it ends up effecting everyone.

Depression affects nearly 40% of those diagnosed with diabetes. It is unclear if depression is a result of high blood glucose levels or from the demand the disease has on the person living with it. Treating the depression becomes an integral part of treating the overall disease of diabetes.

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