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Ulcerative Colitis and Low Sulfur Diet

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Effect of Low Sulfur Diet on Ulcerative Colitis

A low sulfur diet entails consuming no high protein foods which heighten the body's sulfur content. David Rakel, author of the thorough text Integrative Medicine, points out that the most recent discovery concerning dietary treatments for ulcerative colitis includes a look at the short-chain fatty acids (butyric acid in particular) as they nourish the colonic epithelium, lower pH (which encourages the growth of protective bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium), and inhibit the growth of potential pathogens. Butyric acid also has anti-inflammatory effects.1 The problem is that in patients with Ulcerative Colitis, sulfides produced by their flora actually inhibit the beneficial effects of their butyrate. Consequently, a new recommendation for trial dietary changes is a low sulfur diet. Meat (and therefore protein) produce sulfides, therefore beef, eggs, port, cheese, whole mild, ice cream, mayonnaise, soy milk, mineral water, nuts, cruciferous vegetables, and sulfated alcohol should be avoided.1


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