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Valerian Usage

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Effect of Valerian on Insomnia

The root of the valerian plant has a mix of compounds that are thought to produce sedation, including valepotriates, valeric acid and volatile oils. Valerian contains various compounds including:...

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Effect of Valerian on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Our understanding of how valerian might function remains similarly incomplete. Several studies suggest that valerian affects GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid that appears to be related to...

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Effect of Valerian on Panic Disorder

The herb valerian is best known as a remedy for insomnia. However, because many drugs useful for insomnia also reduce anxiety, valerian has been proposed as an anxiety treatment as well. It may,...

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What Is Valerian Used for Today?

Valerian is commonly recommended as a mild treatment for occasional insomnia . However, evidence from the best positive study on valerian suggests that it is only useful when taken over an extended period of time for chronic sleep disorders. 1 Overall, it is not clear whether valerian is effective for sleep at all. 2 Like other treatments used for insomnia, valerian has also been proposed as a treatment for anxiety , but there is no reliable evidence as yet that it is effective.

Finally, valerian is sometimes suggested as a treatment for a nervous stomach; however, as of yet, there is no supporting scientific evidence for this use.


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