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Viral Upper Respiratory Infections (Colds and Influenza) and Sambucol

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Sambucol is a standardized product containing elderberry combined with small amounts of echinacea and bee propolis. It has been widely marketed as a cold and flu remedy and has shown some promise for being effective.

Effect of Sambucol on Viral Upper Respiratory Infections (Colds and Influenza)

Weak evidence suggests that this mixture may stimulate the immune system and also inhibit viral growth.75

Research Evidence on Sambucol

In a preliminary double-blind study, Sambucol significantly reduced the recovery time from epidemic influenza B, a relatively mild form of influenza.76 Another small double-blind study found similar benefits in both influenza A and B.130

How to Use Sambucol

Sambucol is available in some drug stores and large department stores, as well as online. See package for directions.


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