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Arjun Usage

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Effect of Arjun on Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Angina

Evidence suggests that arjun may have blood vessel–relaxing properties.16 This is helpful for treating angina, which is caused by constricted blood vessels that reduce the flow of oxygen-rich blood...

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Effect of Arjun on Hypertension

Arjun probably helps reduce blood pressure by relaxing (dilating) blood vessels.

Abana, the Ayurvedic formula that contains arjun, is believed to help the heart work more effectively (reduced...

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What is Terminalia arjuna Used for Today?

Evidence suggests that Terminalia arjunamay have blood vessel–relaxing properties. 1 The herb has shown promise in the treatment of angina , a condition in which blood vessels in the heart cannot carry adequate oxygen to the heart muscle. 2 In addition, exceedingly weak evidence suggests that terminalia may have antimicrobial effects, providing benefits against amoebas and other microorganisms. 3 One study has been used to indicate that terminalia can improve cholesterol levels, but in fact it proves little because the study was not double-blind. 4


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