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What is a Spirometer?

Written by ritasharma, drtaradevi.

What is a spirometer?

A spirometer is a machine for testing lung function wherein you breathe in and out through a hose attached to a mouthpiece. During testing, nose clips are given so that all the air you breathe goes through the machine. Some have a small, expanding tank surrounded by water into which the air goes, with visibility of top rising and falling with respiration. It can measure a number of lung characteristics including FVC (forced expiry vital capacity), PEPR (peak flow), and FEV1 (forced expiry volume 1). FVC, or forced vital capacity, is the amount of air that you can exhale forcefully after taking a deep breath. FEV1, or forced expiratory volume in one second, is the amount of air that you can be exhale in one second.

Some spirometer machines also display the measurement results on graphs. The spirometer can provide objective results of your lung function that will assist your health care provider in diagnosing asthma and selecting the best treatment protocol for you.

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