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Astragalus Usage

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Effect of Astragalus on Lyme Disease

Astragalus acts to enhance the immune function during early-stage Lyme disease. It works by enhancing the Th1 immune response, producing higher levels of Th1 which lessens the chance that an...

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What Is Astragalus Used for Today?

In the United States, astragalus has been presented as an immune stimulant useful for treating colds and flus . Many people have come to believe that they should take astragalus, like echinacea , at the first sign of a cold.

The belief that astragalus can strengthen immunity has a partial basis in traditional Chinese medicine . The expression noted above, "stabilize the exterior," means helping to create a "defensive shield" against infection. However, according to tradition, astragalus formulas should not be taken during the early stage of infections. To do so is said to resemble "locking the chicken-coop with the fox inside," causing the infection to be "driven deeper." Rather, astragalus is supposedly appropriate only for use while you're healthy, for the purpose of preventing future illnesses.



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