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Back Pain
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Effects of Back Pain

Written by maria_rn.

Back pain has a direct and immediate effect on the physical functioning. It usually results in restriction of movement, specifically on the movement of the affected area of the back. Problems with leg movements are also frequently experienced.

Back pain affects a wide range of activities, but its direct effects may vary from person to person. In some people,back pain disrupts physical activities such as walking, climbing up the stairs, bending and twisting, lifting heavy objects, prolonged sitting, and standing. Aside from posture and movement, the pain can also affect one's concentration, and this may cause difficulty in carrying out tasks that demand a lot of attention.

The discomfort that occur with back problems may also impact the quality of your sleep. You may find it difficult to get sleep at night because of the pain. In some cases, the pain gets worse in the middle of the night and because of this, your body fails to rejuvenate. You may feel tired at day time, and this can make it even more difficult to tolerate the pain.

The impact of back problems goes beyond physical pain. It may also affect a person's emotional and social functioning. Chronic back pain has significant occupational and financial implications. It has been estimated that around 10 percent of all days lost from work through illnesses are due to back pain. For many people, back pain seems to be a hopeless problem, and this may leave them frustrated and depressed.

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Posted 8 years ago

Can anyone tell me the emotional problems associated with back pain? Thanks!!

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Posted a year ago

Sever Back pain may disturb your daily activity and it is difficult to complete daily tasks and things you love. If you are experiencing lowered self-esteem by back pain then it is important to change your mindset now.

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