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Cataract Removal
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Posted 11 years ago

Having Marfan Syndrome, a genetic mutation of the fibrillin gene which is responsible for basically all connective tissue integrity for both muscoskeletal and vascular. I can not recommend cataract surgery only on personal experience. My eye operated on has an astigmatism and loose skin covering. (also marfans) I'm in to my 6th week now and it's like looking through a plastic bag. Apparently my eye skin is so loose it is not allowing proper positioning of the new lens as well as creating a starry fog. End result, my vision is a tad better than it was for distance, close vision is worse. Corrective lens for my glasses (2nd one now) help very little so I am coping with walking, reading and basically doing everything I need my eyes for. No fun I tell you and I'm getting cranky from making the decision to chance it in the first place. I can't go back in time. If you have, or know someone with Marfan Syndrome please have a thorough discussion with your eye doctor prior to cataract surgery to make sure he/she is willing to research the extensive complications that may result. (retinal detachment is a biggie) If he/she is not learned with Marfans, reconsider who will do the surgery as there are a host of complications and side effects that are married to this disorder. The tilted operating table alone is a risk to heart/aneurysm/scoliosis issues by creating added pressure on the heart (low blood pressure folks may pass out) and a stretching of the spine which exasperates the scoliosis. Cataract surgery for most people is fairly routine and wonderful outcomes are to be had. However those of us that live with a variety of afflictions must take control over their health and do the research first! At very least, insist your doctor does or find another who will.

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