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Push the Reset Button on Your Health After 40 - I Can Show You How


About Me

Nina Price is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist who helps people over 40 have the healthy, energetic midlife bodies they want and
"Midlife Without Crisis".

Many people over 40 tell me that their sleep, blood sugar, pain, or hormones get in the way of their quality of life. I show my clients how to successfully navigate the challenges of midlife so that they can enjoy the second half of their lives.
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How I Stay Healthy

I work out regularly: strength training, stretching and cardio
I take supplements daily to support my overall health, my immune system and any problem areas.
I'm careful about what I eat and am always trying to improve my nutrition knowledge and practices.
I check my hormone levels when I notice changes.
I do work I love and have a wonderful family.
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Acupuncture 50 expertise • 6 contributions

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine 20 expertise • 3 contributions

Insomnia 20 expertise • 1 contribution

Magnet Therapy 20 expertise • 1 contribution

Viral Upper Respiratory Infections (Colds and Influenza) 10 expertise • 3 contributions

Depression • 4 contributions

Menopause • 3 contributions

5-Hydroxytryptophan • 2 contributions

Andrographis • 2 contributions

Essential Fatty Acids • 1 contribution

GABA • 1 contribution

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