Shared experience with GAPS Diet 11 years ago

Really gave me a lot of energy and made a lot of inflammation go away. I did it for about 6 months. It was worth the effort of the extra cooking for sure!

Shared experience with SAM-E 11 years ago

I started taking SAM-E for my mood, but also to help with my arthritis. It has helped to stabilize my mood as well as my joint pain. I take one pill daily.

Shared experience with Chiropractic 11 years ago

I have been seeing a chiropractor for 10 years. I started seeing one when I was in a bad accident, and have been going ever since. It has helped with my back pain, as well as my overall well being.

Shared experience with Neti Pot 11 years ago

I have been using a net pot every night for the past 5 years. It has helped tremendously with my allergies and prevents sickness. I highly recommend the neti pot to anyone suffering form allergies.

Shared experience with Olive Leaf 11 years ago

I take olive leaf nasal spray on plane rides to prevent my nose from collecting germs and to keep my sinuses moistened. It's also great for people suffering with allergies.

Commented on Osteoarthritis Treatment: Diet 11 years ago

Taking wheat and sugar out of my diet really helped the inflammation/pain in my fingers go away, and left me in a better mood and a clearer thinker as a bonus!