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Nature Heals All - Naturopath


About Me

I have been fascinated with physical, emotional, and spiritual health since I was a teenager, which led me to become a Naturopath, EFT Therapist, Reiki Master, and Nutrition Coach. I am now a vibrant and active 60-years-young, and I'm still learning and growing every day.

I have found that nature gives us the cure for every disease, and most of the time we just have to learn to really listen to our bodies to find relief for any ailment. Our minds are powerful beyond imagining, and I believe that we will soon be seeing more and more evidence that we create our reality with our thoughts.
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How I Stay Healthy

The most important thing I've learned is to tap into the truth of who I am, by always moving toward that which makes me feel lighter and more free. Sometimes I feel like I'm so joyful and expansive I can hardly stay in my skin. When I'm in that state, there can be no dis-ease.

I eat a vegan diet, with occasional fish and eggs (since my body sometimes asks for that). My blood tested low for vitamin D, so I take 6,000 IU D3 per day. I will get my blood tested again after three months and adjust my dose accordingly once I get my level up to at least 60. I also take magnesium citrate (Calm), since vitamin D supplements use up a lot of magnesium (and most people are deficient anyway). I also take Vitamin Code "50 & Wiser Women" vitamins every day and I think they are excellent.

Most days I start out with a green smoothie (leafy greens, fruit, flax oil and some type of algae for DHA). I ask my body what it wants and eat accordingly. Sometimes it wants very tiny "meals" and sometimes it asks for strange meals like tofu, mustard, and seaweed, which tastes surprisingly delicious. I eat a high raw diet, but sometimes my body wants a totally cooked meal.

I get moderate exercise, usually walking or dancing, and have recently started doing core strengthening exercises to support my back.

In the past I tried to intellectually decide what I needed to be healthy, but I've learned that my body really knows better. Now I just let it lead the way.
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My Experience with Health Challenges

As a Naturopath and Nutritional Coach, I have assisted many people in improving their health in various ways. It is always amazing to watch people feel better when they improve their diet and then so many fall back into the habits that made them sick. We humans are funny that way.

For myself, having been raised on dairy products with a dairy allergy, I had frequent respiratory problems most of my life. Eventually I found that eliminating dairy and wheat from my diet made a very positive difference and I've been quite healthy since.

Now my main issue is back pain, mostly due to sitting at the computer too much!!! I'm working on improving that.
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Cat's Claw Self-Treatment for Lyme Disease • 30 expertise • 1 contribution
Samento is a concentrated extract of Cats Claw and I highly recommend it if you have Lyme. It is much more potent and effective, than ordinary Cats Claw extract. I have found Samento to be the best treatment for eliminating my Lyme symptoms, especially when taken with high doses of Vitamin C (3,000 to 5,000 mg per day for a few days).

When I found out I had Lyme, I took Samento for a few weeks as directed. All my symptoms disappeared. Sometimes when I am getting run down, some of the symptoms return (aching muscles and stiff neck), but I just take Samento and Vitamin C again and I feel fine. From now on I will always keep Samento around!
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