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CT Scan (General)
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Posted 8 years ago

There are risks with this scan, but don't let that deter you if you have a genuine medical concern. The scan was able to rule out many things at once (gall bladder, kidney, appendicitis, etc..) The procedure is very quick & easy (less than ten minutes) and painless (except for an IV needle.) The radiologist puts in the IV and warns you that you will have a warming sensation (if going for GI like me) but it will subside in about 10-20 minutes. Well let me tell you, it feels like you went in your pants, but for me it lasted only 2 or 3 minutes. After two runs through the machine (each takes about 6 seconds,) the IV is removed and you walk out. No big deal! Just try and not do it all the time, it's not good for your health. Also, drink LOTS OF WATER for the next 24 hours to flush out the drugs from your system!

Painless, quick, easy. Don't worry about it.

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