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Dong Quai
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Dong Quai Overview

Written by FoundHealth, ritasharma.

One of the major herbs used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine , Angelica sinensisis closely related to European Angelica archangelica, a common garden herb and the flavoring in Benedictine and Chartreuse liqueurs. The carrot-like roots of this fragrant plant are harvested in the fall after about 3 years of cultivation and stored in airtight containers prior to processing.

Traditionally, dong quai is said to be one of the most important herbs for strengthening the xue. The Chinese term xueis often translated as "blood," but it actually refers to a complex concept in traditional Chinese medicine , of which the Western notion of blood is only a part. In the late 1800s, an extract of dong quai known as Eumenol became popular in Europe as a "female tonic," and this is how most people consider it in the West.


We recommend using dong quai under the supervision of an herbalist qualified in traditional Chinese herbal medicine , not because the herb is dangerous, but because it is difficult to self-prescribe Chinese herbal formulas.

If you wish to self-treat with dong quai, a typical dosage is 10 to 40 drops of dong quai tincture 1 to 3 times daily, or 1 standard size 00 gelatin capsule, 3 times daily.




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