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Estradiol (Topical)
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

What is Estradiol (Topical)?

(es tra DYE ole)

• This medicine is used to treat vaginal irritation and dryness caused by menopause.

What are the precautions when taking this medicine?

• There may be a higher risk of endometrial or breast cancer.

• If you have any circulation problems, talk with healthcare provider.

• If you have heart disease, talk with healthcare provider.

• Check medicines with healthcare provider. This medicine may not mix well with other medicines.

• Avoid cigarette smoking. Persons older than 35 years of age and/or smoking more than 15 cigarettes per day are at an increased risk for heart disease.

• Limit alcohol intake (includes wine, beer, and liquor).

What are some possible side effects of this medicine?

• Vaginal irritation.

• For females, vaginal yeast infection. Report itching or discharge.

Reasons to call healthcare provider immediately

• If you suspect an overdose,...