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What is Homeopathy?

What Is Homeopathy?

In the opinion of most US medical professionals, homeopathy is nothing but quackery. While herbs and supplements have remained largely outside of mainstream medicine, physicians have no problem accepting in principle that these could have effects in the body. In contrast, homeopathy is an approach to healing that sounds quasi-magical: homeopathic remedies are so phenomenally diluted that they contain no material substance in them except pure sugar (see below). Proponents of homeopathy claim that these so-called “high-potency” remedies possess some sort of healing energy field—a concept that does not sit well with medical professionals accustomed to seeing the world from a scientific perspective.

Nonetheless, homeopathy is used widely even today, especially in the...

Homeopathic remedies are, by nature, completely nontoxic.

However, according to the principles of classical (or constitutional) homeopathy, versus disease-oriented (or symptomatic) homeopathy, these remedies can cause problems. On the way toward a cure, temporary exacerbation of symptoms are said to occur frequently. Such “homeopathic aggravations” are supposed to indicate a release of underlying problems, and are therefore seen as ultimately helpful, if temporarily unpleasant. However, there is no meaningful scientific evidence that such aggravations take place at any higher rate than could be accounted for by chance (and patient’s expectation).